Just Over Half-way

19 January 2018

I’m just over half-way into my residency at The Art House, Wakefield.

Starting to think about where the work is heading and how it’s going to be presented for the final ‘exhibition’ at the end of the month.

It’s nice to in slightly unknown waters.

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In Wakefield

7 January 2018

The first few days of my month-long residency at The Art House in Wakefield have so far been mostly relaxing, reflective and constructive. I’m planning on using the time and space provided to reflect on my practice and experiment with what might happen with having a studio space (I haven’t had a proper studio space since I graduated in 1998). So far I have spent time exploring Wakefield (see photos), visited the Hepworth Gallery, and popped over to Leeds to the Henry Moore institute and Leeds Art Gallery.

On my second night, after all the staff had left, and while I was cooking myself some dinner, the fire alarm went off. This alarm is loud and insistent, and not the kind that goes off if you wave a tea-towel at it. At first I think it is my fault and that the alarm is unusually sensitive as I am only making pasta and definitely not burning it. I take the pans off the hob and switch the rings off anyway and go exploring. I bump into a studio-holder who just happened to be cooking as well - and he has burnt something.

Neither of us know how turn the alarm off so I phone my contact for The Art House; Simon. He doesn’t know either, but he can get in touch with someone who does. He also tells me that the alarm is linked to the fire station and, as we finish our conversation, the fire brigade turn up. They need to find the alarm panel, which I discover by phoning Simon again. The alarm panel has a locked door on it and the firemen do not have a key. This key is probably in the office, which is locked and alarmed. We are then joined by a woman from the security company who was also automatically notified. She does not have a key for the panel either. Satisfied that there is no fire the fire brigade leave.

I get a call from Neil, the operations director of The Art House, and I explain where we’re at. He tells us that the key for the panel is in the office and that the security guard can get us in there and disable the office alarm. We go to the office, go in, wave the dongle at the office alarm panel, nothing happens. The office alarm goes off, joining the fire alarm. We decide to come back to that. We find the key cupboard, find the fire panel keys, go back to the fire panel, unlock it and finally switch off the fire alarm. We head back up to the office (it’s alarm seeming relatively gentle in comparison) and the security guard inputs a code to switch it off. It is quiet. Sighs off relief all round.

I can get back to my dinner.


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New Publication

29 December 2017

My new book ‘Sculpture’ is available to buy from Lulu.com.

116 pages documenting 25 works in full colour.

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2 December 2017

Nest for Pittville was transported to Cheltenham for installation this week.

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Almost Time

14 November 2017

Almost time to fettle.

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Closing In

2 November 2017

The Nest is starting to close in on its self.

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First Full Week

27 October 2017

First full week of Nest for Pittville fabrication.

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Taking Shape

20 October 2017

Nest for Pittville is taking shape.

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Coat of Paint

10 October 2017

The foot for Nest for Pittville is fabricated and has had a coat of paint.

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First Piece

4 October 2017

The first piece of Nest for Pittville has been made. I’ll be updating the blog as I progress.

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