22 August 2018
Posted by Rich

One of the wonderful things about working on a long-form project like Occupation is being able to see the changes that take place on the site as time passes and the seasons change.

I have now spent the best part of eight months working regularly on the Island. I have worked in the snow, the rain and the baking hot sun, and when the river is so high the weir no longer makes a sound. I have seen how activity on the water has changed as the holiday season kicks in, how C&RT volunteers and staff have changed their focus to different aspects of the waterway in response to the requirements of the seasons, and how the Island itself has altered due to both natural and artificial intervention.

When this project first started it’s initial intention was to briefly return Diglis Island to a state of activity again - so that viewers passing by on the tow path would see something noticeable happening for a short period of time and wonder what might be going on. After many conversations with visitors, and overhearing comments from passers-by it is clear that this has been noticed and enjoyed by many people. One of the main comments, however, has been the expression of disappointment over the fact that the work is only temporary.

What I have come to understand is that the work is not only about the activity on the Island (of the past, present and future) but also about the effects of time and a sense of change. It was always the intention for the work to be temporary - a short moment where something appears, changes and then disappears again - but it also reflects the ongoing life of the Island and how this changes.

All aspects of this place are temporary, but some are more temporary than others. The Island itself seems pretty permanent, but there was a time when it was not an island, and there may be a time when it is not again. The people who have worked on the Island have come and gone, yet new people join the team at C&RT and start their working life. The Island looks the same, but it has also changed. Occupation itself is slowly changing through my regular visits, and, when it finally comes down at the end of September, the Island will be returned to the state it was in before the project began, albeit slightly changed.

I’r Môr / To The Sea

12 May 2018
Posted by Rich

I have been commissioned to produce a new work for Castell03 at Caernarfon Castle.

The project ‘brings together visual artists, poets, musicians, scientists and historians to reflect on the theme ‘To The Sea’, which coincides with Visit Wales Year of The Sea 2018.’

I am collaborating with poet Rhys Iorwerth to create a response to the slate dias installed in the castle for the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales in 1969.

The exhibition takes place from 15 to 24 June.

Contributors include:
Najia Bagi, Megan Broadmeadow, Caro C, Jackie Chettur, Nicky Deeley, Lynn Dennison, Alex Duncan, Thomas Goddard, Rebecca Hardy-Griffith, Harrop & Horrell,  Gweni Llwyd, Joe Roberts, Rosalind Holgate Smith, Katie Surridge, Mathew Williams, with Cywion Cranogwen, Angharad Price, Gwilym Bowen Rhys, Iwan Rhys, Math Roberts, Iestyn Tyne, Marged Tudur.

Conspiracy Exhibition

3 February 2018
Posted by Rich

The exhibition of my Art House residency work opened on Wednesday.

The show consists of 133 ink drawings (selected from 250) produced during the residency. It runs until 9 March 2018.

Engine of Growth Voting

22 August 2016
Posted by Rich

Engine of Growth was installed for a festival weekend in Peterborough on 20-21 August. The installation invited people to vote on the fate of a sculpture in the park as a way of creating discussion around the treatment of sculptures in the collection. The weekend was very productive with nearly 400 votes cast and some fantastic, lively conversations.

Read more here.


16 August 2016
Posted by Rich

Materials arrive at Thorpe Meadows for Engine of Growth.
Photo: Luke Payn.

The Stickers Are Here

9 August 2016
Posted by Rich

The ‘Repair’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Remove’ voting stickers for Engine Of Growth have arrived. The work is installed next week in time for the #PARKTALES festival on 20-21 August at Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough.

Not Here

18 May 2016
Posted by Rich

Not Here opened last night at Radiant Space, Plymouth.
My work for the show is Refuge, a large nest made from found materials bound together with a continuous line of rope. The work was partially built for the opening night and I will be completing the build over the next few days, inviting visitors to bring objects to be included in the nest.

Resistance Opens Today

14 May 2016
Posted by Rich

Resistance opens today at midday at The National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. It will be on display until 19 June.

Resistance Day 2

10 May 2016
Posted by Rich

Day 2 of Resistance install and despite the rain we got loads done.

Resistance Day 1

9 May 2016
Posted by Rich

First day of building Resistance at The National Waterfront Museum went very well.


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