Capitalyst begins

15 June 2009

Work has started on my piece for Capitalyst - a reworking of Vigilance.

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To Belfast

12 June 2009

Off to Belfast tomorrow. Stay tuned for photos.

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Stop Bombing Children

11 January 2009

I went on the march from Hyde park to the Israeli Embassy yesterday. Not because I have any strong religious or political beliefs about what is happening in the area, I just don’t agree with the killing of 250+ children.

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The Year 2009

4 January 2009

Happy New Year from the future!

This was my costume for New Years Eve in Brixham, Devon, where practically everyone dresses up for new year. Everywhere you look are Batmans, Bananamans, Sylvester the Cat, pirates, clowns and other very strange things (pack of crayons?) it felt like I was living in a weird cartoon land, and great fun.

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Escape Time

2 November 2008

On tuesday I go to Stoke-on-Trent to install Escape. I’m really looking forward to it.
It should be a good build. For more info about the show have a look at Conjunction 08.

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imminent residency

17 July 2008

i start my residency at CUBE in manchester in two weeks. i’m really looking forward to it. follow it’s progress here, or come to CUBE and see for yourself.

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26 June 2008

went to see radiohead at victoria park last night. i took a few photos on my mobile.
it was excellent. they played everything from in rainbows and the rest of the set was kid a/amnesiac heavy - so lots of electronic beats and rhythms. surprises included no surprises (ahem), the bends and my iron lung. overall a great mix of songs from all albums except pablo honey, which is a shame. it would have been nice to hear you or blow out, perhaps. maybe next time?
it was great to see thom doing his twitchy dancing - he wore a fine pair of red trousers which unfortunately don’t show up in my pictures.


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so far, so good

4 June 2008

some images of survivalist so far.

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two days in

3 June 2008

i’ve been working for two days in greyfriars bus station now. it’s going pretty well. i’ve got the main structure standing - lets hope it manages to survive the night.

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two weeks to go

19 May 2008

in two weeks time i go to northampton to install survivalist.
it should take about five days.
it’ll be an interesting build - i’ll be right in the middle of a fairly busy public thoroughfare trying to build a makeshift support structure that should hopefully save a part of the building from demolition!

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