Ready To Go

9 September 2009

Assembly is finished. The show opens at 7pm.
I’m definitely ready for a beer.

It’s been quite a good build though. Everything came together really well - all the materials were there, ready and waiting for me as if it were planned!
Photos from the opening will be posted sometime after tomorrow night.

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And So It Grows

8 September 2009

More progress on Assembly in Vienna. It’s going outside too.

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Vienna so far

7 September 2009

After a couple of days foraging and building.

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First full day in Vienna

5 September 2009

I spent the morning having a good look around and taking a few photos.
Then I got down to the serious business of inspecting the container village that is to house the exhibition and trying to find some materials to build my work.
I had a chat with Andreas, the scaffolder, and it turns out there’s quite a but of scaffolding left over. So I’m going to use that!

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1 September 2009

On Friday I go to Vienna to install work for Paraflows09.

It’s going to be quite exciting - I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do or what I’m going to build with. All I know is that I’ve got a space in a temporary container village to work in. And six days.

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The show opens on 04.09.09 at 6pm. I’ve finished my work there but won’t have full documentation until later - the gallery has yet to be sorted out and the rest of the show has to be hung. See here and here for more info.

Also, I won’t be at the opening because I’ll be in Vienna installing more work for Paraflows09.

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Day 5 in Brighton

23 August 2009

More images from Brighton. It’s going well.

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More from Brighton

21 August 2009

Images from day 3 in Brighton.

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Miss Sylvester’s House

19 August 2009

Images from the first day of installing at Phoenix Brighton.

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Back from Belfast

20 June 2009

Capitalyst is finished and open for viewing. I’m back home in London recuperating. It was quite a tiring installation - spending all day (until 8 or 9pm) up a ladder struggling with string and cardboard. The results were worth it though.

Next - Brighton.

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