16 November 2013

After a rather hectic period I have finally relocated to Bristol - so it’s back on with work, getting exhibitions and continuing my research and development projects.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to Bristol’s lively art scene; I’ve already been to make sushi at Spike Island and been to a few exhibition openings.

I’ll will now be recommencing my research and development projects - You Are Here in Birmingham will begin it’s next phase soon, and the replacement third project will hopefully be announced soon.

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Short project ‘A Matter of Substance’ began installing yesterday.

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17 June 2013

I am very pleased to announce that I have been awarded a research and development grant from Arts Council England.

This award will enable me to research and produce three new works using various forms of public engagement over the next five months, along with mentoring from three respected arts practioners to help me develop my practice and create a more sustainable career.

More information will follow as the months progress - keep tabs on my development by following the R&D blog.

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Friday saw the culmination of the London 2012 Olympic Recycling Project - a series of workshops in five schools in St Albans. I was working at Oakwood School with Poplar Class - a lively bunch of year 4s - who created the Litter-cruncher Chimeracycle.

On the day all five schools congregated at Fleetville school to present their work and Poplar did me proud. First they talked about the project and how we developed the work. Then they told the story that we wrote together, complete with the illustrations they had drawn.

The children read beautifully, their interpretation of the work was clear and straightforward, and they managed to convey their excitement and enthusiasm for the project. Plus their drawings looked fantastic projected four metres wide on the screen.

I would once again like to say thank you to Miss Tapster and Chris Blanch, and most of all to Poplar Class. I think we all had a fantastic time and we managed to produce something really great.

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I’ve spent four days out of the last two weeks running a workshop at Oakwood School in St Albans.

Using material left over from the London 2012 Olympics and working on the themes of ‘Legacy’ and ‘Recycling’ myself and Poplar class created a new creature, made up of lots of different creatures, that could recycle man-made material. Each child designed and made their own piece of the sculpture and we spent an exciting, nail-biting final few minutes as myself and two members of staff hoisted the final work between two trees in the playground in front of a cheering class.

It was great fun and the children were brilliant.

Full details here.

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Opening Tonight

4 May 2013

Barnraising and Bunkers opens tonight at g39 in Cardiff. The exhibition features my latest work Deep Throat.

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Deep Throat Finished

19 April 2013

The work for Barnraising and Bunkers was completed on Wednesday. The exhibition opens on 4 May.
My work is called Deep Throat. Can you guess why?

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g39 Day Two

16 April 2013

Second day of building at g39 in Cardiff over. That’s the frame built, tomorrow it gets wrapped in blackout cloth.

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g39 Day One

15 April 2013

A long afternoon building in g39 for Barnraising and Bunkers. Two more days to go.

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Ho Ho Ho

22 December 2012

Merry Xmas.

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