Uninvited Guest

10 December 2009

YouTube video which allegedly shows a woman living in the crawl-space of a New York apartment. I don’t know if this is real or not - lots of YouTubers are screaming fake. It’s pretty creepy though.


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8 December 2009

Only a few letters difference, and it almost sounds the same.

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The Rotating Kitchen

3 December 2009

Installation by Zeger Reyers. I am liking this. It will keep rotating slowly till February 28th 2010.
Film of the work being installed here.

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RIP Jeanne-Claude

20 November 2009


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Small Worlds

13 November 2009

Play this game, it’s wonderful: Small Worlds
It’s by David Shute and recently won the Casual Game Design Competition #6.

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Secret Tate Tour

25 October 2009

Yesterday we went on a little tour of Tate Modern’s old oil tanks. These are the three tanks that were once used to store oil when it was a power station. They are huge. All the metal from the tanks has been removed but the huge concrete structure that housed them remains.

During Tate Modern’s second phase of development (see here) they are going to be turned into exhibition spaces - and very good spaces they are too. There are currently a series of John Baldessari films being shown in them but I wasn’t allowed to photograph them.

Afterwards we went to look at the Miroslaw Balka piece ‘How It Is’ in the turbine hall - It’s huge and monstrous and very good - like walking into the gates of hell, or some kind of inter-dimensional portal.

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Paraflows09 Catalogue

5 October 2009

Pick up a copy of the Paraflows09 catalogue.

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Hirst V Cartrain

5 September 2009

Young artist steals valuable Damian Hirst pencils in riposte to Hirst’s taking of his work.

Read the full story here.
I’ve posted this in the art crime category. I’ll leave the decision of who is the criminal up to you.

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Weeping Girls

3 August 2009

Great new work in Edinburgh by Laura Ford.

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Henrique Oliveira

7 July 2009

Check out the ‘tridimensional’ work of Henrique Oliveira.
Some of them make me a little jealous.

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