8 March 2010

Talking City

I’m being interviewed via email by Anna Francis as part of her guest editorship of the Longhouse website. Check it out here. The Q and A session is updated each time I answer, so check back regularly to see how I get on.
Anna’s project is an Ezine titled Talking City: ‘a space for artists to enter into dialogues with the places they live and work, creating space for discussion around practice and life in the city.’ There are lots of ways to get involved: take a look.

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10 December 2009

Uninvited Guest

YouTube video which allegedly shows a woman living in the crawl-space of a New York apartment. I don’t know if this is real or not - lots of YouTubers are screaming fake. It’s pretty creepy though.


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8 December 2009


Only a few letters difference, and it almost sounds the same.

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3 December 2009

The Rotating Kitchen

Installation by Zeger Reyers. I am liking this. It will keep rotating slowly till February 28th 2010.
Film of the work being installed here.

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20 November 2009

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