Once more…

1 September 2008

...and for one week only i’m back at CUBE in Manchester for my final residency session. Watch the final developments (and catch up on what you’ve missed) here.

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CUBElab part two

17 August 2008

tomorrow i go back up to manchester for five days for part two of CUBElab. i’ll be continuing to build on the works begun in week one - and possibly change them a bit too.
if you are in manchester this week please pop in and say hello. if not, drop by the CUBElab blog, have a look at what’s going on and leave a comment.

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conjunction 08

7 August 2008

i’ve been selected for conjunction 08, an exhibition organised by airspace.
the show takes place in november.
more details soon.

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CUBElab has begun

31 July 2008

follow my progress here.

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bank/train robbery

25 July 2008

i dreamt that we had robbed bank. or a train.
we had our getaway all planned.
we had a big lorry full of loot that we were going to drive to a hanger, put all the stuff on a plane and fly away.
it all went wrong though.
the police were in hot pursuit (why is pursuit so hot?)
when we got to the hanger it wasn’t quite how i remembered it.
the plane was on the roof?
we crammed as much stuff into our rucksacks as we could manage and climbed up onto the gantry that ran along the wall.
the ganrty was very narrow with no railing.
to get to the ladder that led to the roof we had to cross the narrowest part.
there was no way we could do it with our bags, but we didn’t want to give up our loot.
so we sat there, five metres above the police and their sharp-shooter teams. the hanger filled with spinning lights.


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imminent residency

17 July 2008

i start my residency at CUBE in manchester in two weeks. i’m really looking forward to it. follow it’s progress here, or come to CUBE and see for yourself.

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26 June 2008

went to see radiohead at victoria park last night. i took a few photos on my mobile.
it was excellent. they played everything from in rainbows and the rest of the set was kid a/amnesiac heavy - so lots of electronic beats and rhythms. surprises included no surprises (ahem), the bends and my iron lung. overall a great mix of songs from all albums except pablo honey, which is a shame. it would have been nice to hear you or blow out, perhaps. maybe next time?
it was great to see thom doing his twitchy dancing - he wore a fine pair of red trousers which unfortunately don’t show up in my pictures.


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OSOP08 final week

23 June 2008

this is the final week of OSOP08 so if you haven’t been to northampton yet you’d better get a move on. the work comes down on sunday.

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survivalist is go!

7 June 2008

survivalist is complete and open for viewing until the 28th june.
go along and have a look. there’s more great art to see there too: work by lisa berry, michael shaw and jonathan velardi.
it was a comfortable build - a little stressing at the beginning but once i got materials sorted i was away.

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so far, so good

4 June 2008

some images of survivalist so far.

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