two days in

3 June 2008

i’ve been working for two days in greyfriars bus station now. it’s going pretty well. i’ve got the main structure standing - lets hope it manages to survive the night.

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two weeks to go

19 May 2008

in two weeks time i go to northampton to install survivalist.
it should take about five days.
it’ll be an interesting build - i’ll be right in the middle of a fairly busy public thoroughfare trying to build a makeshift support structure that should hopefully save a part of the building from demolition!

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seen in a shop window in brighton.

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28 April 2008

went to the love music hate racism carnival yesterday. it rained a bit but when the sun came out it was beautiful.


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A Czech judge dismissed charges on Tuesday against seven artists accused of scaremongering by Czech Television after they hacked into a live broadcast in June and superimposed images of a nuclear explosion on a picture of mountains being used as the backdrop for a weather forecast, Agence France-Presse reported. At the end of a six-hour hearing in the Trutnov regional court, the judge, Stanislava Suchankova, said: ‘The images of the explosion could not have created public unrest. People were rather amused at how easy it was to disrupt the signal.’ Cheers and applause welcomed the decision, but the state prosecutor, Zdena Hourova, said the state would consider an appeal. The artists of the Ztohoven collective had faced a maximum sentence of three years in jail. The stunt, which was posted on the Internet, attracted international notice and won them a national prize for young artists.

from the new york times

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Art crime

bus station

18 March 2008

a few photos from greyfriars bus station in northampton.
the last one is of where my work is likely to be sited.


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a visit to northampton

15 March 2008

on tuesday i go to northampton to meet with the organisers and have a good look around the greyfiars bus station, which is the location for OSOP.
i’ll post some pictures when i get back. i think it’s an amazing building - those who live within sight of it seem to think otherwise.

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open spaces open places

29 February 2008

i’ve been selected to exhibit in OSOP this june. i will be devising a new piece of work for the greyfriers bus station in northampton.
the bus station is a great venue; a large building that, due to it’s distinctive 70s architecture, either causes love or hate. see this bbc article for more info and some pictures.

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to barrow i shall go

21 September 2007

early tomorrow i set off for barrow-in-furness to install vigilance in a pair of shop units on duke street. 6 days of intense building.
vigilance is produced as part of FRED2007, running from 28 sept to 14 october. The work is also included in VELOCITY, running from 10 october to 3 November.
please come along and have a look if you’re around that way.
update: the finished work can be seen here.

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