Information is the website of sculptor Rich White. The title comes from a 1998 work Counterwork.
It was first launched in early 2001.

Rich is a member of Axisweb, a-n's Artists' Interaction and Representation and a Spike Island Associate.

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Rich White makes installation works about location, sense of place and the relationships that develop between people and their environment.

Key aspects of his practice are resonance and discovery. Works are informed by research of the locality, dictated by architecture and space, and through the uncovering of stories of identity, memory, place and history. These findings are used to develop work that resonates with the location and the viewer. The work also provides a sense of discovery; installations are immersive and interactive, allowing the viewer to explore the physical environment and discover new perspectives and information.

The forms the works take are often unknown at inception; beginning with site visits and research, and organically shaped by the limitations of space, material and self-imposed restrictions. White challenges himself to pragmatically develop and craft new techniques and methods as the work progresses; drawing on familiar patterns, local history and material connections. Coincidence plays a creative role in his practice; chance encounters with places, people or materials inform the development of the work, creating sculpture that responds to the varied perspectives people have of their locations and the events that shape them.

'Rich drew on his strong architectural sensibilities to respond to the ex-dairy warehouse space with 'Nest' - a suspended human sized nest made of discarded objects and bits of debris, that totally charmed visitors with its intrigue and excellence of execution.'

Justine Kenyon, Wandsworth Council
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