RICH WHITE is a sculptor, photographer and designer with a broad skill-set. He has exhibited his work, showing nationally and in mainland Europe, since 1998. He has also, since 2003, worked regularly as an artists' assistant performing such varied tasks as 3D and CAD drawing, and steel fabrication for major public art projects, making armatures, photographing in-progress and finished works, photo retouching, and website design and maintenance.

Rich is also a freelance exhibition technician working for Spike Island, The University of the West of England, The Royal West of England Academy and Bristol City Council.

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Further details of individual skills are listed below.

Rich is available for commissions or hiring as an assistant on your creative projects.

He be contacted in the following ways:
Telephone: +44(0)7812444612


Rich White makes installation works about location, sense of place and the relationships that develop between people and their environment.

Key aspects of his practice are resonance and discovery. Works are informed by research of the locality, dictated by architecture and space, and through the uncovering of stories of identity, memory, place and history. These findings are used to develop work that resonates with the location and the viewer. The work also provides a sense of discovery; installations are immersive and interactive, allowing the viewer to explore the physical environment and discover new perspectives and information.

The forms the works take are often unknown at inception; beginning with site visits and research, and organically shaped by the limitations of space, material and self-imposed restrictions. White challenges himself to pragmatically develop and craft new techniques and methods as the work progresses; drawing on familiar patterns, local history and material connections. Coincidence plays a creative role in his practice; chance encounters with places, people or materials inform the development of the work, creating sculpture that responds to the varied perspectives people have of their locations and the events that shape them.

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Rich has worked with a number of schools and community groups to introduce people, young and not-so-young, to developing and making sculpture. Planned programmes can be created to lead people through a process of learning, thinking and developing ideas which can then be turned into fully realised sculptures, while drawing and making skills are developed.

Consultancy | Writing

Rich has been involved with a number of projects looking at the role of the artist in urban regeneration, speaking about his work and methods, and discussing the broader concerns of being an artist in our current society.

Rich is an AIR Activist within AIR - Artists Interaction and Representation's advocacy programme, speaking out on behalf of artists' rights.

He has also been commissioned to write for a-n Magazine on issues around artists and the context for practice.

Published writings include an extract from 'State Of Practice' in the November 2011 issue of a-n magazine.

Photo: Glen Stoker


Rich White has gained invaluable experience working with the sculptors Andrew Sabin and Laura Ford.

For Sabin, Rich has assisted in the fabrication and installation of a number of large-scale public artworks. Skills utilised involved MIG welding, producing autoCAD plans and models for construction, and 3D modelling and digitally compositing photographs for presentation images.

For Ford, He has fabricated steel armatures for numerous figurative sculptures, welded steel frameworks and scaling up from maquettes. He has also provided studio photography of works which have been published in catalogues.

More recently Rich has produced maquettes and digital composites for public art proposals for the sculptor Annie Cattrell.

Further details of these individual skills can be found below.

Project Visualisations

Fully conversant with AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max, Rich can produce accurate structural plans, sections and elevations for sculptures and public art projects. Also, detailed virtual models can be generated, allowing artists and commissioners to effectively predict how a work will look from any angle.


Rich has assisted with the fabrication and installation of a number of public realm artworks for Andrew Sabin. These include: Bridges and viewing platform for the Wandle Trail, Bracknell Calibrated Cycle Ramp and steel elements for The Coldstones Cut. He has also made armatures for large figurative sculptures for Laura Ford.

Rich is an experienced MIG welder and steel fabricator having worked not only on the artworks mentioned above but also on structural steelwork and architectural elements for building projects.


Photography plays an important part in Rich's work - he documents his own work, and also produces photographic artworks. Skills include studio and location photography, Photoshop retouching and compositing.


Rich's scenography has much in common with his sculpture practice. Designs are developed with the director, lighting designer and cast, and are specific to the play and venue.


Rich has extensive experience designing websites for creative projects. To see more please visit


As well as the skills and experience listed above Rich is also:
• An experienced art lecturer.
Mural painter.
• A trained picture framer.
• An experienced forklift and scissor lift operator.
• An intermediate level IT technician.


Rich White can be contacted in the following ways:
Telephone: +44(0)7812444612


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