Real-time online digital net art residency.
5 January - 29 February 2004

Create/Remove was a residency that took place entirely online. Visitors to the residency website could chat to Rich and watch as he worked via a continually updating screengrab form his PC desktop.

In create he was exploring the theoretical, conceptual and practical possibilities of creating an original net/software artwork - that is, a work that remains unique in a digital environment. Remove concerned censoring art available on the net. The result has formed a comprehensive archive of censored artworks. Visitors were invited to contribute to both strands of the project by emailing html, javascript and actionscript for use in readymade net artworks in Create, and sending in or suggesting artworks to be censored for Remove.

Choose either Create or Remove below to view the work, or read the transcript of the critical forum.

Transcript of critical forum


On the artbase

create/remove was produced as part of Furtherstudio,
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