Short story commissioned for Issue One of Cardboard Folly.
October 2010

'Cardboard Folly is a non-profit series of publications, published annually [by Emily Speed], that sits somewhere between an artist's book and journal. The core of the publication is an interest in the use of architecture and inhabited space in art.

'Each issue has a theme, the first being 'The Fold'. Artists, writers, poets, architects and others have been invited to make an editioned work in response to this. Housed in a screen-printed cardboard box, each cover will be custom-made to fit the contributions in that particular issue.'

Rich's contribution to publication is a short story called 'Fold' which asks the question 'what happens when you fold a room?' Other contributors include: Jo Ball, Lucy Brown, Nick Cass, Damian Cruikshank, Birgit Deubner, Sarra Facey, Rebecca Foster, Emma Gregory, Kevin Hunt, Nathan Jones, Tabitha Moses, Gordon Shrigley, Emily Speed, Frances Stacey, Kirsty Tinkler, Andrew Warstat and Sinta Werner.

Download the pdf of my story here.

Image: Emily Speed

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Updated 2 August 2021

Sculpture by Rich White (cc) by-nc-sa 2022
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