Research and installation.
Commissioned by Canal & River Trust, Worcester.
2017 – 18

An eight-month long durational work built on a man-made island on the River Severn in Worcester.

After researching the history of the Island - which involves canal and waterway maintenance, military sensitivity, flooding, life, livelihoods and work - the work was created to rekindle a sense of activity and production once again. Over the eight month period a new 'village' appeared on the Island, made of simple stilt houses. As people pass by on the towpath for regular walks they would notice as the houses appeared one by one, and then as the appearance changed as I continually painted and repainted them.

There were also a series of visit days where small groups were invited on to the Island and given a tour by myself and a former Island employee.

Thanks to: Cathy Mager, Manda Graham, Rebecca Farkas, Joyce, John Weston, The Bradley Family, and Tim Booker, Nick Trow, Shaun, Dave, Gill and Canal & River Trust employees and volunteers.

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Updated 2 August 2021

Sculpture by Rich White (cc) by-nc-sa 2022
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