The Public Inquiry

Installation using found paper.
Commissioned by MADE for The Art of Architecture, The Public, West Bromwich.
13 - 15 February 2012. Exhibition ran until 20 May 2012

Using leftover materials from the installation of the Art of Architecture show at The Public Rich aimed to build a sculpture (or sculptures) in response to the feedback he got from passers-by about The Public and its environs.

A survey revealed that many people who initially didn't like The Public have grown to love it. In response to this he built 'It's Growing On Me' (inspired by a quote from the surveys). The work was a sort of 'happy fungus' that clustered on the underside of the walkway that snakes through the building.

Thanks to Anthony, Jasreen, Graham and Andy.


Updated 20 June 2021

Sculpture by Rich White (cc) by-nc-sa 2022
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