wireframe view from the virtual environment map



actual skybox

digitally manipulated photographs

abstract images created from the removal of everything from the image but the sky.

virtual skybox

virtual environment map

still images and video from a custom digital 3d environment created using the source development kit.

skybox is a dual-strand project developing work using digitally manipulated photographs and digitally produced virtual landscapes.
the intention of the work is to provoke the viewer into perceiving the world in a way determined by the artist.
the actual strand of the work concerns creating abstract compositions by removing all landscape details from a photograph. the photographs are taken by the artist with the removal in mind. the resulting image being a represention of what the artist was perceiving at the time of taking the photograph.
the virtual strand attempts to both reverse and enforce the process. using a modified 3d environment users can choose their own compositions. however, the user is now trapped in an environment of the artists making, devoid of all detail but the sky.
eventually users will be able to access the environment and select images to save and print.

digital manipulation