Pass The Parcel

16 September 2016

I spent the last ten days helping Walter Jack Studio install their public realm work ’Pass The Parcel‘ in Milton Keynes.

The project involved reconfiguring a number of large oak beams that had previously been used to make a large structure into a series of smaller structures for use in a small park area.

More info here.

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St Mary Redcliffe

19 July 2015

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18 July 2014

A number of maps of the UHNS site from 1934 to present day layered on top of each other. The red outline shows the new hospital, with the old maternity hospital outline beneath.

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Pavilion 2012

14 June 2012

This year’s Serpentine pavilion is excellent. Designed by Herzog & De Meuron and Ai Wei Wei the structure consists of a sunken pit lined with cork and topped with an almost circular pond. The design of the pit references the eleven other pavilions, showing the excavations and foundations of these previous buildings.

The effect creates a really comfortable place to sit. The seemingly haphazard layout creates an interesting space to explore and the cork makes it very tactile experience - you want to touch it and sit on it. It also has a dampening effect on the sound so it’s not too echoey.

Make sure you visit it before it ends on 14 October 2012.

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Big Steel

7 August 2011

I really like this huge steel frame that’s currently holding up the facade of a building along Nassau Street, London. As you can see on the Google Maps image everything behind it has been taken away. It’s a massive building site right in the centre of London, of which there seem to be quite a lot lately.

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Our Style… Progress

27 January 2011

Designs for the scenography for ’Our Style Is Legendary‘ are progressing.

I’ve devised a small number of screens which are blank on one side and then have items of scenery on the other. The actors can manipulate the screens to create locations from the play, and different sized spaces - from open areas to smaller, intimate spaces right up close to the audience.


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Uninvited Guest

10 December 2009

YouTube video which allegedly shows a woman living in the crawl-space of a New York apartment. I don’t know if this is real or not - lots of YouTubers are screaming fake. It’s pretty creepy though.


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The Palace

7 December 2009

Some images from bonfire night at Alexandra Palace.

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Secret Tate Tour

25 October 2009

Yesterday we went on a little tour of Tate Modern’s old oil tanks. These are the three tanks that were once used to store oil when it was a power station. They are huge. All the metal from the tanks has been removed but the huge concrete structure that housed them remains.

During Tate Modern’s second phase of development (see here) they are going to be turned into exhibition spaces - and very good spaces they are too. There are currently a series of John Baldessari films being shown in them but I wasn’t allowed to photograph them.

Afterwards we went to look at the Miroslaw Balka piece ‘How It Is’ in the turbine hall - It’s huge and monstrous and very good - like walking into the gates of hell, or some kind of inter-dimensional portal.

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