Installation with digitally manipulated C type prints and drawings.
Exhibited at the Islington Arts Factory, London.
12 April - 10 May 2002

The Islington Arts Factory was the setting for this singularity work. The alternate views are provided by a power station.

From Rich's sketchbook at the time of setting up the exhibtion:
'The space within a space. Dislocated reality. The installation is a representation of the change that can be brought about by the artist. This change is a change of perception (and therefore value) of a given reality. The artist has dislocated time and space psychologically. The photographs represent the desired result, the installation represents the energy used to achieve the desired result. Thus the viewer is able to witness the activity, the result and the energy for themselves by combining the visual material mentally.'

produced with financial support from arts council england


Updated 2 August 2021

Sculpture by Rich White (cc) by-nc-sa 2022
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