so far, so good

4 June 2008

some images of survivalist so far.

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two days in

3 June 2008

i’ve been working for two days in greyfriars bus station now. it’s going pretty well. i’ve got the main structure standing - lets hope it manages to survive the night.

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two weeks to go

19 May 2008

in two weeks time i go to northampton to install survivalist.
it should take about five days.
it’ll be an interesting build - i’ll be right in the middle of a fairly busy public thoroughfare trying to build a makeshift support structure that should hopefully save a part of the building from demolition!

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bus station

18 March 2008

a few photos from greyfriars bus station in northampton.
the last one is of where my work is likely to be sited.


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a visit to northampton

15 March 2008

on tuesday i go to northampton to meet with the organisers and have a good look around the greyfiars bus station, which is the location for OSOP.
i’ll post some pictures when i get back. i think it’s an amazing building - those who live within sight of it seem to think otherwise.

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open spaces open places

29 February 2008

i’ve been selected to exhibit in OSOP this june. i will be devising a new piece of work for the greyfriers bus station in northampton.
the bus station is a great venue; a large building that, due to it’s distinctive 70s architecture, either causes love or hate. see this bbc article for more info and some pictures.

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to barrow i shall go

21 September 2007

early tomorrow i set off for barrow-in-furness to install vigilance in a pair of shop units on duke street. 6 days of intense building.
vigilance is produced as part of FRED2007, running from 28 sept to 14 october. The work is also included in VELOCITY, running from 10 october to 3 November.
please come along and have a look if you’re around that way.
update: the finished work can be seen here.

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i’ve won first prize in the CUBE open with a piece of work i haven’t even seen: passage. i sent some plans to the gallery last week, they built the work, and the show opens tomorrow night (12.07.07).
the prize is £1000 and the opportunity to work in the studio at CUBE next year.
hopefully i’ll have some photos of my work soon.

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CUBE: update

27 June 2007

i’m going to be sending plans up to the gallery and they’re going to get someone to build my work! should be even more interesting!

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24 June 2007

a very short notice exhibition has come my way. the CUBE open at the centre for the urban built environment in manchester. it opens on the 16th of july - which is about three weeks away! should be interesting. watch this space…

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